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Oros Oud by Armaf for women - Authentic Perfumes

Oros Oud by Armaf for women

$ 100.00

Oros Oud is a luminous fragrance that will plunge you into a dream. It’s exotic and mysterious blend permeates rich oud and spicy notes.

Oud comes from the wood of the Agar tree spread throughout Southeast Asia. The heartwood of the tree produces a dark aromatic resin as a defense mechanism against an infection of a certain variety of mould. It has been used in forms of oud oil or resin for centuries in beauty rituals to perfume the skin and hair of men and women.

Also called “liquid gold”, Oud is a mysterious scent, often said to be effective for meditation, enlightenment and stimulating inspiration.

It opens with saffron and rose mingling with sensual jasmine and earthy geranium. The dry down of oud, musk, amber and patchouli give to the composition a veil of mystery which lingers on the skin for several hours